Lazzzy sofa (Adjustable)
Lazzzy sofa (Adjustable) Lazzzy sofa (Adjustable) Lazzzy sofa (Adjustable) Lazzzy sofa (Adjustable) Lazzzy sofa (Adjustable) Lazzzy sofa (Adjustable) Lazzzy sofa (Adjustable)

Lazzzy sofa (Adjustable)


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Product Description :
Disappointed over being the last to the couch and relegated to the floor, yet again? Have a comfy seat no matter how quickly you reach the lounge with today’s amazing deal!

Whenever you feel like lazing in front of the TV, lying back with a good book or sitting down with your laptop, the foldable sofa can help you out. Just set it in the perfect position for you, then relax! Forget squishing in with the family or flatmates on the couch, have a squishy seat all to yourself with this foldable sofa!


Material: Memory foam and cushion
Cover material : Coral fleece
Stuffing: high density split foam
Dimensions: 136cm x 53cm x 13cmWeight 8kg
Load weight: up to 120kg
Frame: steel 1.2mm thickness
6 adjustable joints Protection and support for the spine
Set up your foldable sofa in your bedroom, sitting area or bak, so you can lounge in comfort at any time. Easily adjust it into a sitting or lying position for ultimate comfort
21 x 52 x 5
33 lbs
Minimum care required
Material-Memory Foam
Assembly not required
2 month Warranty - supplier
Accessories:Detachable and removable cover

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 11 August, 2014.

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