Snore Stopper ( 6 pack)
Snore Stopper ( 6 pack) Snore Stopper ( 6 pack)

Snore Stopper ( 6 pack)

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Product Description :
The Snore Stopper Sleeping Aid achieves this very goal by fitting comfortably to the nose. The soft silicon pads serve to stimulate the desired acupressure points on the septum. This in turn keeps the nasal passages open during sleep.
It is important to note that while the nasal passages remain open, correct and proper breathing is maintained during deep sleep. Not only does this negate the annoying sound of snoring but more importantly, ensures the adequate supply of oxygen to the brain and body.

Did you know?

Recent medical studies have linked chronic snoring to increase risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, general fatigue and even stroke! The Snore Stopper Sleeping Aid aims to alleviate these adverse effects by preventing the closing of the nasal passages during deep sleep. For centuries, Chinese practitioners have employed the technique of stimulating the trigeminal nerve (located within the nasal septum) in an effort to induce the dilation of the nasal passages. The aim of this treatment is to greatly increase air flow to the lungs and greatly decrease the extent of congestion within the nasal cavity itself.

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