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Believing no phone should be subjected to spoiled surfaces, Super Gadgets offers cell screens the chance to live scratch-free existences with the SuperShield Invisible iPhone protector. Available for iPhone 4 or 4S, the surface shields act as a second skin, protecting iPhones against scuffs without changing their sleek look and build. Protecting screens and sides, the glass on iPhone fronts is guarded from scratches and scrapes while edges are defended against impact damage. Easy to stick on and remove, they can be washed and then reapplied for further use. Facilitating all full multi-touch and retina-display functions, the user interface, proximity sensor and camera experience remains unchanged after shields have been affixed.

Important: This phone protector is only meant to be used on the I-Phone 4. No newer models or previous versions of the I-Phone.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 19 October, 2012.

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